Your decision to have an abortion is a personal one. It may be a difficult decision for you to make or it may not. You may also still be in the process of making your decision.


Here are some online resources to help you work through your decision:


The Pregnancy Options Workbook


A word of caution: if you surf the net you will come across many anti-abortion websites that have frightening and inaccurate information about abortion. 


Also beware of "CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTRES".  Antichoice groups sometimes set up offices, distress centres, phone lines or 'clinics' that pretend to help pregnant women with information and pregnancy tests.


Many of these groups try to influence vulnerable women to continue their pregnancy by frightening them. Some will say anything to have you keep your pregnancy. Not all of their information about gestational development, health risks and after-effects of abortion is correct.


We are not here to influence your decision. We support you in whatever choice you make. You can also call us to book an appointment to discuss your decision with our counsellor or we can refer you to community based counsellors.

Making your Decision...

Safe Methods at the Right Time Program 

1.What is the Safe Methods at the Right Time Program?


It is a provincial program designed to reduce subsequent unintended pregnancies by providing highly effective contraception at no cost to women at the time of abortion.


The Program is funded by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as a pilot project.


2.What patients are eligible to participate in the Program?


All patients covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) are eligible to participate.


The Program applies to patients having surgical and medical terminations of pregnancy.


Patients who participate in the Program must agree to allow their information to be shared for Program evaluation purposes. When you receive free birth control through this Program, personal information will be gathered from you as authorized under section 26 (c) and 26 (e) of the BC Freedom of Information  and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA").


3.What contraceptives are funded through the Program?


  1. Mirena intrauterine contraceptive (hormone-releasing)

  2. Copper intrauterine devices (non-hormonal)

  3. Pill-combined hormonal contraceptives (1 package)

  4. Depo-Provera (1 injection)