Preventing pregnancy is a preoccupation for many years, for many people. At different times of your life, you may use different methods. You may choose a method not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to reduce any period symptoms you don’t like such as really bad cramping, lots of bleeding, acne and mood swings.


If you have sex with men, the most effective 3 ways to prevent pregnancy are; a tubal ligation (sterilization for women), a vasectomy (sterilization for men), or a levonorgestrol IUS (Mirena®). These 3 methods have the lowest failure rate, about 1 pregnancy in 1000 women per year. The only reversible one is the IUS.


We recommend coming for a discussion with one of our nurses or doctors if you want to find a method to suit you. She will assess any risk factors you might have to reduce any possible complications. We will get you started on the method you think is best for you.


If you have financial constraints, we will help with this. We have low cost contraception available at the clinic. Many extended health plans, and the BC Fair PharmaCare will help.


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