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HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The HPV vaccines protect against infection from certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that cause cancers of the anus, cervix, mouth, and throat, penis, vagina, and vulva as well as genital warts. There are 2 HPV vaccines available in Canada: Cevarix (HPV2) and Gardasil (HPV9). 


Both vaccines protect against 2 types of HPV that cause about 70% of cases of cervical cancer and 8-% of cases of anal cancer. The HPV9 vaccine protects against 5 additional types of HPV that cause 15 - 20% of cervical cancer and 11% of anal cancers in women and 4% in men. The HPV9 vaccine also protects agains 2 types of HPV that cause about 90% of cases of genital warts.  


For more information on how to get immunized visit ImmunizeBC








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Cervical Screening



Breast Exams (Mammograms)




On Vancouver Island, a gynecologist in the hospital does tubal ligation. This is a permanent surgery done so that you can never get pregnant again. It requires that you have a pre-operative consultation with the specialist, so you need a referral from a family physician. Referral wait times can average 3 to 9 months, and the wait for surgery after the consultation can be another 3-9 months.



This is a short and low risk procedure done so that a man no longer ejaculates sperm, and is permanently sterile. It does not affect sexual performance. On Vancouver Island, men can be referred by their family physician to a urologist to have this done, or self-refer to one of the Vasectomy Clinics on the mainland; the Pollock Clinic, or the Rich/Follows Clinic.