Admin Staff, 

I just wanted to say thank you.  When I called I was very upset and the person I spoke to was kind, informative and didnt make me feel judged, in fact she was empathetic and showed sincere concern.  Your jobs cannot be easy but for so many varying reasons your work is appreciated and helps lives. 

Thank you for all you do



Dr. Trouton was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humour. My family doctor referred me to her for an IUD (Mirena®) Dr. Trouton put me at ease and made me feel relaxed. Would highly recommend her (and the IUD).




I met Dr. Trouton because of a difficult health situation and I couldn't have imagined a more wonderful, caring, compassionate doctor. She expresses her care in a professional way and, no matter how busy she was, things never felt rushed in our appointments. She went out of her way to provide excellent health care and even sort out the confusion created by other doctors. We are so lucky to have a doctor like her right here in Victoria!!

Thank you



Very recently we went through a very difficult situation & were SO relieved after our midwives recommended this clinic and we dealt with Dr. Trouton. Not only was she sensitive and compassionate to our needs both emotionally, and my partners physical needs, but our entire experience with the clinical staff was discreet and as great as you could ever expect our situation to be. We were very thankful for the referral and very impressed by the professional demeanor of everyone involved. I am proud to live in a town that offers this sensitive care and options for people who end up in the worst case scenarios.